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dunlop tyres

dunlop tyres

£10 - Spalding (Lincolnshire) - January 22, 2016

dunlop 18 x 5.5 8 inch rim tubeless type v11 0.17 skid 210 mph 8 ply 20 of them makem me an offer

Various Champion Spark Plugs For Sale Very Cheap

Check with seller - () - July 30, 2013

Hello and welcome, I have various Champion spark plugs for sale (used) these range from; REM37BY RHM40E REM38E REM40E RHM38E RHB32E RHB37E and RHB36S ... All of the above are used, some only for a few hours! aesthetically some like brand new others have the wear and tear although been cleaned on the...

Rallye Tubular Steel Nose Leg

Free - () - July 30, 2013

Good condition the lower assembly also available.Fits all the Rallye series of aircraft.Removed from ST 150. Contact Details 07913638737

Rans S6 Breaking: All Parts

Check with seller - () - July 30, 2013

Rans S6 386kg: Selling individual parts. Cockpit cage £500 Main wheel spats, complete with axles £150 Flap operating system; teleflex cables, brackets and lever £150 Nosewheel fork, with axle and spacers £95 Seats, wheels etc. Instruments: Large 0-140mph ASI £50, LargeVSI £65, Rotax tacho £50, Dual ...

Thruster Wings In Ultralam Sails For Sale

£999 - () - July 28, 2013

Thruster T600N Wing sails/skins for sale. Kept as spares - these are the left and right wing sails. Ultralam is the best and is getting scarce. Will fit directly on to T600N Sprint - so if yours have just failed BETS test or if you just want a spare set please get in touch. They have Reg letters on....

Ceconite 102, Dopes And Thinners

Check with seller - () - July 24, 2013

1) Approx 2.9 yards, (2.7 metres) of fabric 70 inches wide. Stored on a roll but will fold for postage if required. 2) Approx 3/4 roll pinked 2 inch ceconite tape. 3) One can and approx 3/4 can of Butyrate thinners 9703-Quart. 4) Approx 4 litres of low tautening clear nitrate dope CL13. 5) Approx 2/...

Strong Enterprises Parachutes

£1,500 - () - July 24, 2013

2 Strong Enterprises Chair 305 parachutes for sale. Manufactured in 2009 and repack valid until August. Contact Details 07596423862

Matco Brake Intensifiers!

£30 - () - July 23, 2013

If your Matco brakes require a little more bite then these are the answer! Effectively a reline kit for the master cylinder which increases the effective pressure of the brakes by up to 60% without any other mods. The kits are complete with instructions. I have also got a brand new master cylinder w...

Shadow Under Carriage

Free - () - July 21, 2013

Original Shadow Under Carriage for sale. Might be of use for an SSDR project etc. Not to be used on a shadow in this country, but believe still legal elsewhere. Also have two streamlined fairing for it. Offers Joe electric dot eyes at btinternet dot com

Ultralight Aircraft Tire

Ultralight Aircraft Tire

£65 - () - July 16, 2013 do you need another tires? let me know, I try to find something for you. Contact Details Tel: +48 508 462 153