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  • Full name: KittyS4096
  • Address: 64 Spencer Street, Kinbombi
  • Location: Mitcham, South East Queensland, Australia
  • Website:
  • User Description: How to Block Someone Who Has Already Blocked You on facebook login. I'm for the main page, and first I'm going to teach you what it seems as if when someone does block somebody else on Facebook. If you suddenly become friends with many of his friends or such as the same pages he does, if he sees your profile, he'll know you paid a visit. Your Facebook friends can see the event page, RSVP. SEARCH FOR THE PERSON WHOSE PRIVATE PROFILE YOU WANT TO SEE - Do this by typing their name within the upper right hand search box. Blocking anyone on Facebook prevents them from being able to look at your profile, seeing any comments you depart on other folks's.

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